3-4th Grade Boys Winter Basketball Schedule

*All Events Will Be Held At DST Basketball Warehouse*

2225 Old School Drive, North Charleston, SC 29405

Uniform colors - Home (white) vs Away (dark)

Team listed first is the HOME team.


Wednesday, 2nd (Game)

4-5pm: Cyclones 4 vs MPA

5-6pm: Bulls vs Kelly Law Firm 

Friday, 4th (Game)

4-5pm: Islanders vs Red Scorpions

5-6pm: Cyclones 3 vs Blue Scorpions

Saturday, 5th (Game)
9-10am: Red Scorpions vs Cyclones 4
10-11am Bulls vs Islanders
Monday, 7th (Game)
4-5pm: MPA vs Cyclones 3
5-6pm: Bulls vs Islanders

Wednesday, 9th (Practice)

4-5pm: Blue Scorpions (Court 1)

4-5pm: Red Scorpion (Court 2)

5-6pm: Cyclones 3 (Court 1)

5-6pm: MPA (Court 2)

Thursday, 10th (Practice)

4-5pm: Bulls (Court 1)

4-5pm: Islanders (Court 2)

5-6pm: Kelly Law Firm (Court 1)

5-6pm: Cyclones 4 (Court 2)

Saturday, 12th (Game)

9-10am: Kelly Law Firm vs Cyclones 3

10-11am: Bulls vs MPA

11-12pm: Blue Scorpions vs Red Scorpions

12-1pm: Cyclones 4 vs Islanders

Monday, 14th (Game)

4-5pm: MPA vs Islanders

5-6pm: Blue Scorpions vs Cyclones 4

6-7pm: Kelly Law Firm vs Red Scorpions


Tuesday, 5th (Practice)

4-5pm: Cyclones 3 (Court 1)

 4-5pm: Cyclones 4 (Court 2)


5-6pm: MPA (Court 1)

5-6pm: Islanders (Court 2)

Wednesday, 6th (Practice)

4-5pm: Kelly Law Firm  (Court 1)

4-5pm: Bulls (Court 2)

5-6pm: Blue Scorpions (Court 1)

5-6pm: Red Scorpions (Court 2)

Friday, 8th (Game)

4-5pm: MPA vs Red Scorpions

5-6pm: Cyclones 3 vs Bulls

6-7pm: Cyclones 4 vs Kelly Law Firm

Saturday, 9th (Game)

9-10am: Bulls vs Blue Scorpions

10-11am: Cyclones 3 vs Islanders 

Monday, 11th (Practice)

4-5pm: Red Scorpions (Court 1)

4-5pm: Blue Scorpions (Court 2)

5-6pm: Islanders (Court 1)

5-6pm: Kelly Law Firm (Court 2)

Wednesday, 13th (Practice)

4-5pm: Bulls (Court 1)

4-5pm: MPA (Court 2)

5-6pm: Cyclones 3 (Court 1)

5-6pm: Cyclones 4 (Court 2)

Thursday, 14th (Game)

4-5pm: Red Scorpions vs Cyclones 3

5-6pm: Cyclones 4 vs Bulls

6-7pm: Kelly Law Firm vs MPA

Saturday, 16th (Game)

9-10am: Blue Scorpions vs Islanders

10-11pm: Bulls vs Kelly Law Firm

Monday, 18th (Game)

4-5pm: Blue Scorpions vs Cyclones 3

5-6pm: Red Scorpions vs Islanders

6-7pm: MPA vs Cyclones 4

Wednesday, 20th (Game)

4-5pm: Cyclones 4 vs Islanders

5-6pm: Bulls vs MPA

Friday, 22nd (Game)

4-5pm: Cyclones 3 vs Kelly Law Firm

5-6pm: Red Scorpions vs Blue Scorpions

Saturday, 23rd (Game)

9-10am: Bulls vs Cyclones 3 
10-11am: MAP vs Islanders
11-12pm: Red Scorpions vs Cyclones 4
12-1pm: Kelly Law Firm vs Blue Scorpions

Monday, 25th (Practice)

4-5pm: Cyclones 3 (Court 1)

4-5pm: Bulls (Court 2)

5-6pm: Red Scorpions (Court 1)

5-6pm: Blue Scorpions (Court 2)

6-7pm: MPA (Court 1)

6-7pm: Cyclones 4 (Court 2)

Tuesday, 26th (Practice)

4-5pm: Islanders (Court 1)

4-5pm: Kelly Law Firm (Court 2)

5-6pm: Blue Scorpions (Court 1)

5-6pm: Red Scorpions (Court 2)

Wednesday, 27th (Game)

4-5pm: Bulls vs Cyclones 4

5-6pm: Kelly Law Firm vs Islanders

Friday, 29th (Games)

4-5pm: MPA vs Blue Scorpions

5-6pm: Red Scorpions vs Cyclones 3

Saturday, 30rd (Game)

9-10am: Cyclones 4 vs Blue Scorpions

10-11am: Red Scorpions vs Kelly Law Firm

11-12pm: MPA vs Cyclones 3

Sunday, 31st (Game)

1-2pm: Blue Scorpions vs Bulls

2-3pm: Red Scorpions vs MPA

3-4pm: Cyclones 3 vs Islanders

4-5pm: Kelly Law Firm vs Cyclones 4


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