Meet Coach McGarry

Meet Coach McGarry, 

Kyle McGarry is a Physical Education Major from the College of Charleston. He has been around basketball his entire life including playing at the High School and College level. While working with students of all ages on the PE field, Kyle has grown to love helping students learn and reach their highest level athletically. 


“During my first two years with Dynamic Sports Team I gained so much knowledge towards the developmental, strategic and instructional side of basketball. I only expect this to increase due to my passion and work ethic. Whether it be through individual, partner or group training, I know I have the tools to help every player reach their full potential in basketball. I believe all players need to work on every aspect of fundamentals no matter their limitations or strong points. Spending countless hours training correctly is the only way for a player to gain high level success in this sport.”


  • College of Charleston




  • Fundamentals 

  • Advanced Skill Sets

  • Ball Handling 

  • Detailed Footwork

  • Mental Conditioning

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