DST Specialized Training

Private Lessons

Individual sessions are excellent for mental conditioning and skill development.

  • 60 minute, focus driven one-on-one session to develop atheletes skills 

  • Skill-specific workouts, custom designed to correct bad habits and evolve atheletes level of play 

  • Training sessions utilize resistance bands, medicine balls, weighted vest and dynamic stretching to enhance strength, coordination, balance, agility and speed.

  • Individual sessions are a must for players who look to compete at the highest level.

Group Clinics

Group sessions are a great option for players to prepare and deal with critical valuations and implement changes to improve their game.


  • 180 minutes, limited to 18 kids per clinic.

  • Drills and scenario-based plays specifically designed to force players to utilize certain skills to correct bad mechanics. 

  • Players are encouraged and pushed hard to focus and renew their mind during every phase of each drill.

  • By requiring the players to use the skills taught, it harnesses and enhances fundamental development.




Dynamic Basketball Camps are a great experience for boys and girls age 7-14.


Please check back soon for  2016 camp opportunities!



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